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General Science

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1)      Geo stationary orbit is at height of 36000 km from earth.

2)      India’s first communication satellite is Apple.

3)      PSLV stands for Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

4)      PSLV can launch satellites in orbits at height 900Km.

5)      Cryogenic engines are used in GSLV.

6)      Liquid propulsion system centre is in Tiruvananthapuram.

7)      The comet collided with Jupiter is “shoemaker tele”.

8)      “Periscope” is used in submarines. It is in Z shape.

9)      Cobalt-60 is used in treatment of cancer.

10)   Iodine-131 is used in diagnosis and treatment of Thyroid disorders.

11)   Thorium deposits are highly situated in Kerala coastal areas in India.

12)   Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) was established in 1954.

13)   Father of Indian Atomic energy is “Homi J Bhaba”.

14)   India’s first nuclear power plant is Tarapur.  

15)   Nuclear research in India was first started in 1974.

16)   Uranium was discovered by Henry Bequerrel.

17)   Indian Atomic energy commission established in 1948.

18)   U-233 is the fuel used in Kalpakkam Nuclear reactor.

19)   India’s first fast breeder reactor is KAMINI.

20)   “Rawatbhatta” nuclear reactor was situated in Rajasthan.

21)   LCA(Light Combat Aircraft) was named as Tejas.

22)   India’s first launched geostationary communication satellite is “APPLE”.

23)   Satellite application centre is in Ahmedabad.

24)   NRSA (National Remote Sensing Agency)is situated in Hyderabad.

25)   India’s first successful launched satellite of its own technology is  INSAT-2A.

26) ISRO was established by Vikram Sarabhai in 1969.

27) Thorium is used in first breed test reactor.

 28) The moon’s period of rotation is 27.5 days.

 29) Blue moon is said to occur when second full moon appears within same month

 30) The ocean of tranquility is the name given to the area where “Neil Armstrong” and “Edwin Aldrin” landed on moon in            1969.

 31) The earth shape is called “Oblate Spheroid”; it can be infact called a “Geoid”.

  32) The velocity of earth is about 1700km/hr at equator.

 33) The science dealing with the nature and origin of the universe is known as “cosmology”.

   34) The blue planet is called earth.

  35) The red planet is called Mars.

  36) The giant planet is called Jupiter.

  37) The ringed planet is called Saturn.

  38) The green planet is called Uranus.

  39) The veiled planet is called venus.

   40) Jupiter has fastest rotational velocity among planets.

  41) “Uranus” is the rolling planet while others are spinning.

  42) “Pluto” was discovered by “P. Lowell”.    

  43) “Pluto” has frozen nitrogen and has a satellite named Charon.

 44) Saturn has least density among all planets.

 45)  Saturn has satellites of 18 or more.

 46) “Titan”, satellite of Saturn, is the only one in solar system with an atmosphere of its own.

  47)  “Surely you are joking” was written by famous physicist Richard P Feynman.

 48) Richard Feynman won noble prize in “electrodynamics”.

   49) Flights travel in “Stratosphere”.

  50) Expansion of universe is discovered by “Edwin Hubble”.

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