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191) The potential barrier in depletion layer is due to ions.

192)  The energy stored in a capacitor is actually stored between the plates.

193)  An inductor stores energy in its magnetic field.

194)  If two ends p & n of a p-n diode junction joined by a wire. There will be a steady current from p-side to n-side.

195) The law of electromagnetic induction have been used in construction of a generator.

196) The material of wire used for potentiometer is manganin.

197) In photoelectric emission, the number of electrons ejected per second is proportional to intensity of light.

198) When a PN junction diode is reverse biased, the flow of current across the junction is mainly due to diffusion charges.

199)We use a thick wire in secondary of a step down transformer to reduce production of heat.

200)Quasar emits radio waves more than radio galaxy.

201)Susceptibility of a magnetic substance is found on temperature and strength of magnetising field. The material is Ferro magnetic.

202)The power factor of a ac circuit has value when the circuit contains only a resistance.

203)The PD between two electrodes of a galvanic cell in an open circuit is known as electromotive force.

204)When a current flows in a wire, there exists an electric field in the direction of flow of current.

205)Curie temperature of iron is the temperature below which it is ferromagnetic.