101)   In U-235, fission is caused by slow moving neutrons.

102)  A photo electric cell converts light energy to electric energy.

103)  The failure of light to travel strictly in a straight line is known as Diffraction.

104)  The type of mirror which can be used to obtain the real image of an object is concave.

105)  As an empty vessel is filled with water, its frequency increases.

106)  If there is no atmosphere the color of sky is black.

107)  Chain reaction in a nuclear reactor is controlled by moderator.

108)  Titanium is one of the elements found on surface of moon.

109)  In a microphone used in a public address system, sound waves are converted into electric signals which are amplified &             transmitted.

110) The component of sunlight that causes the heating effect is “infrared rays”.

111) The scientist who performed the first controlled nuclear fission reaction was Enrico Fermi.

112)   T rays are electromagnetic pulses which has frequency in Tera hertz range.

113)  A stone thrown into pond creates ripples. These waves have transverse as well as longitudinal features.

114)  Diffraction of light is not easy to detect because of very small length.

115)  A steel solid ball floats on mercury as density of mercury is greater than that of steel.

116)  The study of materials and phenomenon at temperature close to absolute zero is known as “cryogenics”.

117)   “CO2” is produced as a result of “fermentation”.

118)  In a radar system generation of power at high frequency needs high power magnetron.

119)  Transmitter in a radar system uses periodic pulses.

120)  In a radar system, transmitting antenna rotates in azimuthal or vertical plane or both.

121)   Radar receiver works in range of microwave frequency.    

122)  Radar system uses electromagnetic waves.

123)  Bandwidth equipment for given transmission depends on maximum modulation frequency.

124)  Plasma is the fourth state of matter.

125)  Powder method is used to stop petroleum fire.

126)   “SONAR” is the apparatus used to locate submerged object.

127)   The instrument which uses sound waves to measure depth of ocean is SONAR.

128)  Total lunar eclipse takes place after every 140years.

129)   Eye glasses that darken when exposed to sun are called photo chromatic lens.

130)  Diamonds shines very much as its refractive index is high and low critical angle.

131)  Soap bubble takes spherical shape as sphere occupies less space in given volume.